Christian Louboutin and Shoe Vanity Sizing

Yeah, I know. I neglected to mention that I’m finally a proud owner of Christian Louboutins!  The Prorata 90 mm pumps were purchased from a Christian Louboutin boutique in Hong Kong at the oh-so-hard-to-find size 34 (the similar-looking New Simple Pump starts at 35). Yes, size 34. Not 34.5 or size 35.  I don’t think I’ve ever been this…”small.”  I knew that Louboutins are usually vanity sized based on the numerous 35s I’ve tried in Canada (feet always slip out), but I assumed that I’d be a 34.5.  In fact, I didn’t even think the shoes came in 34, not even in Hong Kong.  That’s why I disagree with bloggers who say that Louboutins run small, that they tend to be half a size LARGER.

After I got back home, I decided to compare the Louboutins to other shoes that I own.  One of my shoes with a comparable heel height and shape are a pair of Cole Haan Talia pumps I bought back in August or September.  Those shoes are a size 5.  And yes, they’re about the same length as my new shoes, though the Cole Haans are a little bit wider in the toe area.  The animal print shoes from Banana Republic’s Mad Men collection may be just slightly smaller (at size 5, none the less).

  • The Louboutins up close!! 🙂

What’s interesting is that I never meant to buy patent.  I wanted simple leather and my original pick were the Simple Pumps 85 mm.  However, the shininess of the Proratas and the fact that the black doesn’t exactly look black in certain light (I’m supposed to be on a black clothing/shoes/bags shopping ban) definitely caught my attention.

L-R: Christian Louboutin (size 34), Cole Haan (size 5B), Banana Republic Mad Men Collection (size 5). All are similar in length, the Louboutins are a size 34, not 35

  • Cole Haan Air Talia (left, at size 5B) vs. Christian Louboutin Prorata 90 mm (right, size 34). See how they’re similar in size?

  • Banana Republic Mad Men shoes (size 5) vs. Christian Louboutin

So far, I’ve only worn the shoes once (to Christmas dinner) other than for this shoot.  I plan to wear them out again for my family’s annual Chinese New Year dinner and to dinner with my husband on Valentine’s Day.


  • Congrats on your first pair of CL’s! The sizing certainly does vary among the styles, and even the leathers and heel heights! It’s a common complaint on TPF. My Simple 85’s in regular leather fit snug in size 35, but when I tried on Jean’s Patent Simple 100’s in size 35, they were about a 1/2 size too big for me.  I was just looking at a pair of patent Simple 100’s on eBay in size 34.5, and the seller said the insole measurement was 9″, which is the same as my size 35 85mm’s. Sizing is just all over the place.

    • Yeah…I wish CLs were more consistent with their sizing.  I tried on 34.5 pumps once (don’t remember which style – they were not Simple 85s or Prorata 90mms though) and they seemed to fit. 

  • Very nice, Cynthia! When you mentioned you bought some, I had a sneaking suspicion you got the proratas or the simple 85’s. I agree sizing varies greatly but I’m super surprised that the CL34 fit anything like the BR 5’s. The BR 5’s were really tight on me, but felt like a 4.5 or something, not a solid 4. I squeezed my foot into the BR 5’s for a bit of time, but I don’t think i can even squeeze my foot into any CL 34, at all, because they’re so narrow too.

    What was pricing in HK like? Did you see any prices for simples and other classic styles?

    • I’m glad you like it.  If I ever get a second pair of CLs they’re probably going to be the 85s (and NOT in black – LOL).  As for pricing, the Simples and Proratas are more or less the same as North America after the conversion.

  • Love them, they are the perfect Loubis to have, black with a hit of shine – oh lala!

  • Anna

    Loubs are hand made so it’s natural that sizes would vary a bit. I’m sure that no two pairs will fit you exactly alike, so you must try them on (I.e eBay is out on this one). Congrats on your purchase!

    • But they should be similar, no?  The people who make CLs are very well-trained, and while it’s not going to be exact-exact, the difference shouldn’t be as much as half a size 🙂 Must be more of a style thing. I wonder if I’d be a 34.5 for other styles.

  • Love these! Every girl needs a pair of CL’s! I wish I had bigger feet! Sigh.

  • Anonymous

    Hey congrats, they’re beautiful! I wonder if the patent ones run larger as they don’t stretch out as much as regular leather?  Just a thought, I have no data to back that statement up 😛

    • Good point, but that still doesn’t answer why I’m sizing down when everyone says they go up with CLs!