Marni at H&M: The Actual Loot!

Though the pieces were slightly too big (make that at least one size bigger than “normal” at H&M), I managed to make them work…well, as best as I could, anyway.  The first piece, one of the double sided dresses, something I was debating over – whether to get the top or the dress (which I didn’t even try on).   Ultimately, it was the dress, and though it does seem a bit big, even after belting, I was told that this collection was meant to fit a bit loose.

From the front:



  • Drawstring neckline dress: Marni at H&M, size 2
  • Belt: H&M, size XS
  • Shoes: Christian Louboutin Proratas, size 34

Polka Dot Top:

I’m not too sure about the fit.  Again, it’s supposed to be a little loose, but it just looks a bit boxy on me, even with jeggings.  The picture online made it seem like it would give someone some curves, but it looks more “bohemian” on me, especially if the belt is tied at the back.  It seems a little bit better when it’s belted in the front:

Back belt:

Front Belt:

  • Top: Marni at H&M, size 2
  • Jeggings: Rag & Bone for Intermix, size 24
  • Shoes: As Above

Zippy Cardigan:

This was one of the tops that was on my definitely yes list, despite the ruffles (something that  I haven’t been a big fan of).  I knew that this would be great with denim, so I decided to it with my Allison Izu jeans that I got around the holiday season.  Please excuse the unpedicured feet.  It’s only early March, after all!

  • Zippy Cardigan: Marni at H&M
  • Jeans: Allison Izu Parker Bootcut, size 000/31 (note: the length is closer to 29 1/2″ for this size)
  • Sandals: Fendi, size 5

I did like the collection, but wished that it had a slightly smaller/better fit.  Oh well, at least this was better than the Jason Wu for Target collection.  Now THAT was some crazy-ass vanity sizing!

  • Very cute! You got the styles I had been eyeing! I think the 2nd outfit looks the best on you. 

    • Thanks!  I like the second outfit too.  I actually tried the top (second outfit) with the cardigan (third) in the fitting room at H&M and it didn’t look too bad.  I might do an outfit pic with the two combined soon.

  • Alice Aymerich

    As i commented on your post on Fashionista, i think this capsule collection is not petite friendly and i can’t explain why H&M is pretending to use petite models. I always found Marni pieces a bit hard to work with, because of the lose fitting and the patterns sometimes make me look shorter than i’m. 
    I love the polka dot blouse outfit,  i like the dress, but i found it not flattering the silhouette.

    • I don’t know if they ever really used petite models.  I think a lot of people use the term “petite” to refer to small-framed women, even if they’re on the taller side.  In the clothing world, “petite” is supposed to mean short.

  • I actually love the fit of the first dress – its loose and bohemian like what marni intended 🙂 

    • That’s what a sales associate said.  The entire collection is larger than what’s “typical” at H&M.

  • Bemebe

    Thankyou for posting pics of what these clothes actually look like on a smaller petite frame as its difficult to tell from some of the photos just how these clothes fit.

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