What I Wore at Toronto Fashion Week: A Week of Outfit Pics

I decided to post my week’s worth of Fashion Week outfits in one post rather than separate “Outfit of the Day” articles that everyone else seemed to be doing.  As usual, there was a lot of emphasis on wearing Canadian brands, so every day, I tried to incorporate at least ONE Canadian designer or brand with what I wore.  I would have loved to wear Canadian-branded shoes at least one of the days, but that’s really hard to find when your feet are a small size 5 (sometimes 4 1/2!).  I don’t think there is one single Canadian shoe line that has anything that small (the most well-known Canadian shoe brand is Ron White and I have only been able to wear his sandals.  I fell in love with a pair of Mary Jane pumps back in the fall, but the size 5 was HUGE (as in my foot slipped off while I walked huge)!)  Anyway, here is what I wore (all Canadian lines in red):

Day One:

  • Shirt: Jason Wu for Target – XS
  • Skirt: Lucian Matis (not sure of size – unlabelled and bought at sample sale.  Probably a 0 or 2)
  • Belt: H&M, size XS
  • Shoes: Barclay, size 22.5/35 (roughly a small size 5)

Day Two:

  • Top: Matis by Lucian Matis, Unlabelled, probably XS
  • Cardigan: Jacob, XS
  • Pants: J.Crew Stretch Twill Minnie, 00P
  • Boots: Cole Haan, size 5

Day Three (taken by another photographer, with the Maybelline backdrop behind me).  Day 3 was the “official” Wear Canada day:

  • Dress: AIME, size S
  • Belt: H&M, size XS
  • Shoes (can’t see): Barclay (same as Day 1)
  • Bag: Coach
  • Sunglasses: Fendi

Day Four (this was a very good day for wearing Canadian brands!):

  • Blouse: Femme de Carriere/Sandra Angelozzi, size 30
  • Camisole: Smartset, size XS
  • Peplum skirt: AIME, size XS
  • Boots: Saunda, size 22.5/35
  • Bag: Coach
  • Sunglasses: Fendi

Day Five:

  • Shirt: Judith & Charles, size 0
  • Camisole: Smartset, size XS
  • Pants: Femme de Carriere/Sandra Angelozzi, size 30
  • Jacket: SC Amos, size 80A/155/S (purchased in Hong Kong)
  • Shoes: Barclay, size 22.5/35
  • Bag: Kate Spade (really, really old)
  • Sunglasses: Fendi

I guess my outfits are more business/comfy than some other people who really go all-out for the shows.  Oh well, it’s more important to be comfortable than odd if you’re going to spend all day at the venue.  Wearing 6″ heels just doesn’t work when you’re working all day, going from show to show and taking pictures in between.  Of course, this means that you, personally don’t get press from other photographers and media because you just blend in.

  • Both great outfits, I love your leather jacket, so pretty on you!

    Long time I haven’t stopped by, hope all is well my dear!

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