Petite Fashion Challenge 15: Pinterest Faves

Petite Fashion Challenge #15, courtesy of  Long Live Classy, asked readers to recreate an outfit from Pinterest a closely as possible.  I have to admit that this was a hard one.  First I had to find a pin that I liked AND it had to work with what I had in my closet!  And because there are so many fashion/style pinners out there, things that are available one day just get lost the next.  I think I spent a good while looking for The Perfect Pin.  The one I finally chose, courtesy of (Spanish Vogue) and from Lauren Indivik’s Pinterest account looked easy enough to style:

 Pinterest Picture:

Source: via Lauren on Pinterest


My Picture:


  • Dress:  Banana Repubic, size 00P (circa 2009)
  • Shoes: Stuart Weitzman, size 4 1/2
  • Pin: Bought in Hong Kong, December 2011
  • Clutch: 442 McAdam
  • Sunglasses: Fendi – bought at an outlet mall in Florida

The dress I’m wearing is an old one I got from Banana Republic back in 2009. I believe Jean has this dress as well. My shoes are a more recent purchase – pre-ordered from a Stuart Weitzman boutique back in the winter for the spring/summer season and picked up around early March.  Of course, I’m going to add a bit of my own touch to the challenge, so unlike the girl in the picture, I’m smiling (something I thought she should be doing). I’m not wearing a floral bracelet nor am I wearing dark nail polish.  In fact, I’m wearing NO polish and just my silver chain bracelet.  After graduating from a high school with a strict uniform/dress code more than a decade ago, I still can’t bring myself to join the so-called Arm Party or nail art crowd.  You can take the girl out of BSS (Bishop Strachan School), but you can’t take the BSS out of the girl, I guess.


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  • Love the dress on you! I don’t know if I could wear such a bright dress, but you pull it off very well. 

  • Hmm…I’m liking the idea to use a brooch to scrunch fabric and define a waist! I wonder if that dress came with the brooch already perfectly placed or if she added it. I could probably spend hours in the mirror trying to get a good drape/fold going on. =P

    • It took me forEVER just to get the brooch even CLOSE to being “right” (and it still isn’t), so I’m not surprised if it came with one…or if there’s some other styling trick.

  • this is a great idea, Cynthia!! the brooch was a perfect touch. fantastic re-creation!

  • Your hair looks SO pretty down like this – you should do it more often!  Great inspiration and re-creation – that brooch trick is genius!

    • Down’s good?  I always thought it made my neck look short – that’s why it’s always up!

  • Richa

    Such a beautiful shade of pink…and I love the added touch of the brooch. Loving your look! 🙂

  • You are the best. I totally agree with conservative nail polish and less is more when it comes to bangles.

  • I love the idea of pinning a brooch to give the dress a wrapped appeal. Great job!


  • TOBeautyReviews

    Love this colour on you Cynthia, I like the idea of using a brooch to cinch the waist too but I would be worried about ruining the dress permanently!

  • PetiteintheCity

    That’s an awesome idea!!!  Will need to try it.  Next time close-up of the pretty clutch please 😛

    • Will definitely post a close-up of the clutch next time I take a picture with it.  As you’ve probably noticed, it often makes appearances on my outfit posts!

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