Team Blue Makes Another Appearance: Wearing Greta to a Wedding

I spent the long weekend in my husband’s hometown of Ottawa, Ontario to attend a wedding of one of his school friends.  Ottawa (capital of Canada, for those who aren’t familiar with Canadian politics and history) is a gorgeous city with a beautiful waterfront, exactly where the wedding ceremony was held.  The ceremony was then followed by a reception at a suburban hotel.

(Sorry for the bad lighting! My legs are NOT neon pink!)

For both the ceremony and reception, I wore my blue Greta Constantine dress (above), previously seen here (aka Team Blue).  I had thought about wearing Team Salmon, but decided against it.  Team Blue was just much easier to walk in, not to mention, less likely to cause a wardrobe malfunction (the sleeves on Team Salmon can slip).  As I don’t like going too bling-y (I really don’t understand the bling obsession some women have. Is it a rebellion thing?  Because it doesn’t look pretty), I just paired it with small stud earrings that I wear from time to time and my other every day pieces (wedding ring, bracelet and necklace with jade charms).  I also took a BCBG convertible clutch/shoulder bag, which was the same bag used at TFI25 and wore my silver Manolo d’Orsays (worn to the last few weddings I went to, including my own in 2010).


Fazzoletti Duo (one side with ricotta, spinach and rose sauce; other side with veal, beef and tomato sauce)


Main course


As for the reception?  The food was very good. After cocktails, we were treated to a  five course meal starting with an antipasto plate and with filet mignon (I *KNEW* we’d be having beef as soon as we sat down – it’s all  about the knife!)  as the main.  In addition to the creme brule, there was also a dessert table, and of course, wedding cake. My husband and I had a great time and wish the new couple the best! 🙂

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