BCBG Dress for a Bat Mitzvah

This weekend, my husband and I drove down to Rochester, NY to attend his cousin’s Bat Mitzvah.  Though we’ve been married for nearly two years and together for close to seven, this was my  first bat mitzvah service – I had attended many receptions before.  It was a weekday service at a Reform temple, and I was told that it was more casual than one on a Saturday.  For the service and reception, I wore this:

  • Dress and Bag: BCBG
  • Shawl Cardigan: AIME
  • Shoes: STUART

I had originally intended to wear another dress, but some laundry issues got in the way. This dress is nice, but sometimes, I feel that it looks a bit big – especially with the shawl cardigan.  However, I wanted to err on the more conservative side for a religious service (while I knew long beforehand that the temple was Reform, it is still a place of worship, and one needs to be respectful).

Also, I want to apologize for the poor quality photo.  It was taken with an old point-and-shoot that I no longer use (took that with me instead of my Sony NEX-5N because it was so much lighter).  I also got a chance to visit one of Rochester’s malls while on the trip, but unfortunately, the stores that carried petites (usual suspects of Ann Taylor, LOFT and Banana Republic) had such a tiny collection and virtually no small sizes.  Didn’t bother looking at shoes as I didn’t want to be disappointed (the only shoe store I bother going into in the US is Stuart Weitzman, since I *KNOW* that they carry my size).


  • Hope you had fun at your first Barmitzvah. Pretty dress. Blue looks good on you.

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