My Wedding Gown: An IFB Fashion Moment

I’ve had a lot of fashion moments, but I’d have to say that my wedding is definitely on top.  My second anniversary is coming up.  In fact, it’s about one week away – August 21.  The dress, which was a lace Oscar de la Renta, was the first dress I tried on.  Like most brides, I didn’t make the purchase right away, of course, and tried on several more (including several Vera Wangs) before settling back with the Oscar.  It was very difficult for me to find my dress.  Back in 2009 when I began my search, there were barely any dresses that had shoulder straps.  In fact, I tried on an average of three dresses at quite a few salons due to the lack of selection.  Except for a few, most dresses were too overwhelming for my small frame, even with pins.  And most were not outdoor ceremony friendly – my wedding was at a yacht club in Toronto. And I kept on going back to this dress each time I tried on another.  I think there was only one other dress that I truly loved – and that one was kind of 1920s night gown-y that made me look more like a rebellious 1920s debutante than a bride.

This dress was everything I wanted. It had the Old Hollywood premiere look, the shoulders were covered AND it was outdoor friendly without looking like a destination wedding kind of dress.  I’m all for simplicity and didn’t even wear a lot of jewellery.  In fact, I opted out of several Chinese traditions because I didn’t want all that pomp and circumstance and only kept the must-dos – the tea ceremony, table toasting and dress changes (though I didn’t have a kwa (wedding outfit worn by southern Chinese brides) – only the vintage pink dress below, which my mom wore at her wedding back in the 70s).  On my husband’s side, we had the breaking of the glass, the challah blessing right before dinner and of course, the hora.

Looking back, I would not have traded any other dress for what I wore.  I just knew it was THE ONE when I tried it on for the first time.  For those of you who are married, how long did it take before you said yes to your dress?  Did you opt for something bling-y or simple?

Photos by: Vito Amati

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  • t allander

    I think your dress is gorgeous!

    • CynthiaC.M.

       Thanks :)

  • Maria Swenson

    Such a beautiful classic lace dress!  When I went dress shopping I came with the mindset “I just want to feel pretty.” I didn’t need to find “the perfect dress” because to me, the hours and hours of searching just didn’t translate in worth to me.  Sometimes I can be just so gosh darn analytical – it’s the engineering in me. We were actually shopping for dresses for my bridesmaids when I decided on whim to try some dresses for myself.  I had my heart set on one.  I called my parents and asked “What are you doing right now? Are you busy? Can you stop by the dress shop?” 20 minutes later they were there.  I tried on the dress I liked, along with a couple others for comparison.  My mom actually said, “Nope, I like the other one better.” I went back and forth between the two dresses, until my dad snapped a photograph of me in both. Once I saw the photos – hands down I went with my mom’s choice.  My mom just laughed and said “See, mom always knows best.” Afterwards, I brought the dress to my tailor, and she worked her magic. Due to my petite size, even the dress in a 00 needed to be taken apart and put back together.  In the process she added pleated shoulder straps, a zipper on the side instead of the laceup back (due to the multiple clothing changes throughout the evening) and I hand beaded the back of my dress where the lace up used to be. It was perfect, and no one will ever have the same dress =)

    • CynthiaC.M.

      The smallest size my dress came in was a 0.  In fact, the consultants weren’t sure whether it came in a 0 and said that I probably would have to order a 2 and get things taken in.  Well, I still had to get alterations done (beyond hemming) after it came in.  Not unusual, of course, but at least I didn’t have to get things sized down an entire size! :)

  • Akaleistar

    You look beautiful!

    • CynthiaC.M.

       Thank you!

  • kristian satterlee

    There is something so lovely when brides tell about their dress and their day- the happiness of day is always obvious, even when talking about just one part of it. You look lovely in that gown.

  • Ricciloveherlook

    Great blog!

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    Love Ricci sisters.x

  • Ilpiccolomondodicri

    Hi! My name is Cristiane and I’m from Brazil! I was new here in IFB just like you. So, I know you received (or still are receiving) many emails or messages, because it happened the same to me! But, take your time, breathe and visite me on my blog, where I try to share some part of my world, writing about serious fashion questions (or not lol)! I write in portuguese and in english (ok, I try it). Also, you can check my work as a freelance writer at IT Hunter online magazine: !!!

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    ps.: what a dream! The dress is a dream! Wow now I’m dreaming with my wedding day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, call me romantic, because I AM!!!!!!

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  • Pretty Ugly

    You look lovely and your dress is exquisite. :)

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