Rediscovered: Old Kate Spade and Coach Bags

If you follow DelectablyChic! on Instagram, you might have seen a recent picture, taken of a Kate Spade bag that dates back to 2004-ish.  That bag has been sitting in my old closet back at my parents’ place, not seeing the light of day since 2005.  I loved that bag.  It was cute and different, featuring a dog being walked on one side and one angry pup on the other.  It’s very adorable!  I think the only reason why I abandoned the bag for a while was because I was worried about items slipping out – despite a zippered compartment, the bag is not completely secure.  I will use this bag, but probably not as my regular, every day bag – you don’t really want things to fall out – especially not your phone or wallet!

  • Top: Jacob
  • Skirt: Zara
  • Belt: BCBG (came with this dress)
  • Shoes: Manolo Blahnik d’Orsays (if I recall correctly, these were the same shoes that someone stole from Carrie Bradshaw when she had to take them off at a friend’s party)

Old Coach bag, purchased circa 2003

Another bag I rediscovered was an old leather Coach bag I got back in 2002 or 2003.  I’m not sure what collection it was from, but it looks like it might be a Kristen or whatever they called the collection back then (does anyone know?).  When I purchased that bag, I also bought a matching wallet, but it’s probably still at my parents’ house somewhere.  I think this was my very first Coach purchase (even back then I wasn’t into the logos – ick!).  The bag’s usable, and I think, a good size for every day – at least if you’re not lugging a tablet around.  It fits a wallet, keys, lipstick and phone, and its neutral tan colour means it goes well with everything.

Have you found any old pieces from years ago that you’re re-using?

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