J.Crew’s ‘Hen Sweater’: Cute or Just Plain Silly?

It kind of caught my attention because it’s different from what J.Crew typically sells.  Featuring a hen in a beret, the cute-looking sweater comes in two colours – navy (with a cream-coloured hen wearing a baby pink beret) and camel (or acorn blue, with a blue hen wearing a hot pink beret), sizes XXS to XL.  I saw the sweater in person when I was at a J.Crew store last week.  Material-wise, it felt like most sweaters the store was selling, nothing too special.  I was a little hesitant in making the purchase, however, as I thought the novelty look wasn’t really worth its $95 US ($110 in Canada) price.


I’m still thinking about this sweater, but am not sure if buying it would just make me look weird.  So my question for you is this: Do you think this is too silly for anyone past high school age?  Is it pretty much “inappropriate” for a woman in her 30s to wear it? Thoughts?


  • I think it is very much appropriate for our age group, remember Kate Bosworth with the owl sweater tucked into a pencil skirt? SO chic! But I think it is a trend that will wear out fast and will probably look dated even next year. Still the animal sweater is big right now and this is the JCREW twist on that.

    • i.e. not worth the $110 CDN. I heard that J.Crew had owl scarves. Haven’t seen them online yet, though.

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