Petite Fashion Challenge 19: Fall Trends My Way

This is the first petite fashion challenge I’m posting as The DelectablyChic! Closet.  Hosted by Pandaphilia, this month’s challenge asks: Trend Benders. Pick your favourite Summer or Fall 2012 trend and make it work for you, whether it’s going all-out, incorporating it into a professional outfit or using it in moderation

I’ve picked three trends: peplum, flares and burgundy.


This is a harder one for many petites to pull off – especially when it comes to bottoms.  It just makes us look wide.  The skirt I’m wearing has been in my  closet for several seasons.  From Canadian designer, Monica Mei’s AIME line, the tiny peplum is proportionately much better for smaller figures.  Paired with the berry-coloured top from Banana Republic and a black blazer from Femme de Carriere (holding), this look is most definitely office-ready!

Flared jeans:

Again, difficult for petites to wear unless it is a petite length, I jumped my chance at purchasing these jeans as soon as I saw them online at Anthropologie.  These jeans are a bit longer than the typical petite inseam at 32″ and definitely made for heels – they even suggested that you pair them with heels/wedges on the page.  I’m not surprised that the model is NOT petite, though.  They’re too short and look a little ridiculous on her.

*Yes, I know, the picture is a little too posed, but I was having fun!! 🙂  Here’s another picture with the jeans, but wearing the top from the first photo:

Burgundy cropped pants:

  • Top: Jacob, old
  • Cardigan: AIME  (old, purchased at sample sale)
  • Cropped pants: Banana Republic, Sloan Fit Slim Ankle Pant ($89.50 US/$110 CDN, burgundy sold out in both countries (and petite sizes not available online in Canada))
  • Bag: Sneha Varna, purchased at Fashion’s Night Out in Toronto (see post here)
  • Belt: Part of a BCBG dress purchased this past summer
  • Shoes: same as first image

On the Banana Republic homepage, these pants are paired with a grey blazer.  Burgundy and grey were (and still are) my high school‘s official colours, and though I graduated some 14 years ago and loved my time there, for some reason, can’t wear the two colours together without thinking “school uniform.”  To make it a bit more casual (yet somewhat office appropriate, depending on the kind of business one works in), I paired it with a long AIME cardigan and belted it.

What are your thoughts on these looks?  Not much of a “challenge” in the sense that I’m creating a funky-looking outfit, but at my age, being too funky will only get you stares.   Besides, it’s better to dress like a grown-up, even though looking “grown-up” dressing doesn’t get you into the street fashion blogs or profiled by more mainstream publications – these people (especially the former) only seem to like WEIRD.  Oh well.

  • i really like the trends you chose! the flared jeans make your legs look super long and the purple top has such an elegant knotting! thanks for participating and you look great!

    remember to link up on my post 🙂 you get to enter your blog info and crop your thumbnail too

    • Thanks! I really like the jeans (and was a little worried that they wouldn’t fit when they arrived – they do, but only with heels) – they’re my first pair of flare jeans in a very long time.


      p.s. linked the post on your site

  • phiphi

    those jeans look amazing – they make you look super tall!

    xox P

    • Thank you! What do you think looks better for the jeans – tucked or untucked?

  • I like the jeans. I favor the boot cut as well.

    • The jeans are actually one and the same, if that’s what you’re referring to! 🙂

      • I meant I personally buy boot cut jeans. The boot cut works on my figure as well.

  • Katherine

    The jeans do make you look tall 🙂

  • Great looks! I agree with below that the jeans make you look taller. : )

    • @katattack2000:disqus , @jessy757:disqus and @SS_littleflowers:disqus Thanks! 🙂

  • SS_littleflowers

    Love that jeans – they fit you really well! So many tried burgundy- for sure ‘it’ color this fall!

  • Shamelessly Overdressed

    Love those burgundy pants! I used burgundy for my PFC challenge, too… can’t get enough of it. I like the 3rd look on you especially! 🙂

    Love, S

  • Wow, good job on putting together so many looks! You definitely went above and beyond. That BR twist top looks incredibly beautiful on you – definitely your color!

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