Wearing Canadian Designers: Some Recent Purchases and One Rental

You might have seen these pictures via Instagram if you follow me on @delectablychic, but these are some recent purchases/rentals from Canadian designers.  I’m trying to wear more Canadian to support our fashion community!

Aime Chloe Coat Dress:

Aime is one of my favourite Canadian lines!  Designer Monica Mei’s seasonless collections of classics are a good part of my wardrobe and go with practically everything!  I bought this at a Black Friday sale (purchased online, picked up at her showroom) and have worn it three times already. This piece retails at $388, the same price as the dresses.  Aime’s skirts and pants are in the $200 range.

Arthur Mendonça Top:

Got this at a sample sale/trunk show recently.  Arthur Mendonça is known for gorgeous, lady-like pieces, though most are not too petite-friendly – skirts are very long and most of the pieces won’t look that great after alterations as they loose their original shape/proportions (if you can afford to have it completely reconstructed, however, then that’s a different story).  His smallest size is a 4 and though it’s smaller than mass retail 4s, it’s still fairly generous. I’d say that the 4 fits like a 2 at Theory.  Stretchy pieces, like the one above, however, fit fine.

Greta Constantine rental (for their Spring/Summer 2013 show):


Greta Constantine is another Canuck favourite!  Their luxurious pieces, which consist mostly of dresses, many in solid colours, are architecturally artistic and sought after by many of the country’s movers and shakers.  While their main line is out of price for many, they have recently launched PRIMER, which retails in the $200-450 range.  This dress, from their regular line, was rented from Rent frock Repeat, Canada’s answer to Rent the Runway and I fell in love with it without even trying it on (RfR’s showroom is right here in Toronto, so I was able to stop in to try on a few dresses).  Had I actually bought this, it would have cost me some $800-900!  If you’re petite and are renting this dress, be sure to play around with the ruffles.  Depending on how you style the dress, the ruffles can be a little overwhelming.

Apologies for phone pics for the first two images.  Because there’s been so much going on across the city, I’ve been a bit lazy when it comes to regular outfit pictures!   I promise that outfit posts for the AIME and Arthur Mendonça pieces will be coming soon!

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