Coming Soon: Review of Jeetly Petite

Just thought I’d give you a teaser of what’s to come in the next week or two (depends on how busy I get covering New York Fashion Week remotely from my desk)…


The dress is from petite careerwear brand, Jeetly Petites, based out of the UK.  I’m hoping to get some better photos (this was taken with my iPhone in a poorly lit room) by the weekend so I’d have something up next week!  I am also working on an interview with founder Jess Jeetly, to be posted on the main DelectablyChic! site very soon (probably just after the review goes live).

  • Petite Adventures

    Oh, I’m so excited! That dress is so cute!

    Kate xo

    • CynthiaC.M.

      The Jeetly review is going live on February 18!

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