J.Crew’s ‘Hen Sweater’: Cute or Just Plain Silly?

It kind of caught my attention because it’s different from what J.Crew typically sells.  Featuring a hen in a beret, the cute-looking sweater comes in two colours – navy (with a cream-coloured hen wearing a baby pink beret) and camel (or acorn blue, with a blue hen wearing a hot pink beret), sizes XXS to […]

Rediscovered: Old Kate Spade and Coach Bags

If you follow DelectablyChic! on Instagram, you might have seen a recent picture, taken of a Kate Spade bag that dates back to 2004-ish.  That bag has been sitting in my old closet back at my parents’ place, not seeing the light of day since 2005.  I loved that bag.  It was cute and different, […]